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Materials, Solvents and Waste Stream Testing

AAC has been providing analytical services for Drywall, Wood, and other Materials Testing as well as Solvents and Waste Streams Testing using a variety of methods for over 22 years


We can help you with your material testing needs from project planning to final data validation including; selecting the proper methods to use; selecting the correct material for the application; calculating the amount of sample to be obtained; providing method reporting limits; providing analysis following agency or custom methods; and providing you with the final data package including QA/QC reports and when requested Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD).


We have analyzed both American and Chinese made Drywall for a variety of Reduced Sulfur Compounds (RSCs) including H2S, CS2 and COS using our custom built thermal desorption apparatus and our low level GC-Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector instruments. We can desorb the drywall at room or elevated temperatures for periods of hours to weeks to obtain emission rates of various RSCs.

We routinely analyze a variety of activated carbon pellets for RSCs using thermal desorption followed by GC-SCD analysis. We can analyze most carbons and other scrubber materials for RSCs and Total Non-Methane Organic Carbon (TNMOC) to determine scrubber capacity or efficiency.

We also analyze activated carbon and other sorbents for Percent Media Depletion using ASTM D-3838.

We have analyzed a variety of Materials including Wood for TNMOC emission rates using our custom built thermal desorption apparatus followed by GC-FID analysis using a method similar to EPA Method 25 or SCAQMD 25.1. Desorption can be done at a variety of temperatures to obtain emission rates of TNMOC. Additional VOC speciation can be made on the same sample using EPA Method 18 or TO-15 to identify the individual components of the TNMOC emitted from each material tested.

We can analyze a variety of biomass/biogas sources including wood, leaves, grass, farm wastes etc for TNMOC or individual VOC content using similar protocols.

We regularly measure a variety of blowing agents from various foam products using SCAQMD 306-91, EPA 45, ASTM D-7132 and BAAQMD 45 methods. We have analyzed for a variety of custom blowing agents including oxygenates from various foam products.

AAC routinely analyzes Surface Coatings (Solvents, Inks, etc) for VOC and Water Content following EPA Methods 24 and 160.3 and also TNMHC or VOC content of Waste Streams following EPA Methods 25D and 305.

Please see our Analytical Capabilities document for more details of what services we offer


We have a long history of Research and Development and are experts at developing new methods as well as improving existing ones to meet client’s needs. We are often asked to expand the analyte list of existing methods and are experts at testing and validating additional analytes. We are also able to modify current methods by changing solution chemistries, solution volumes, or sampling protocols to meet specific client needs. We can perform method validation tests including spiking, stability, reproducibility, and gas phase recovery studies.


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