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Ethanol Plant Testing and Analysis

AAC has been providing analytical services for Ethanol Plants using a variety of NCASI and EPA methods for several years.

Ethanol has recently become the fuel oxygenate of choice especially after the water contamination issues associated with MTBE surfaced and more recent Federal mandates to increase biofuel or renewable fuel consumption were enacted.

The increased demand for Ethanol has resulted in a large number of new Ethanol producing facilities all over the US but in particular in the Midwest. Several Phases of the Ethanol producing process including milling, fermentation, distillation, and drying can result in VOC emissions including several compounds on the EPA HAPS list. As a result Ethanol plants are regulated under Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), New Source Review and Title V permits under state and Federal agencies.


We have been working for several years to apply NCASI and EPA methods to those analytes that have been measured in each phase of the Ethanol producing process.

A partial list of those VOCs emitted from Ethanol plants include acetaldehyde, acrolein, formaldehyde, 2-furaldehyde, ethanol, methanol, acetic acid, formic acid, lactic acid, ethyl acetate, and isoamyl alcohol.

We have been able to measure all of these analytes using a modified version of NCASI 94.02 for the carbonyls and alcohols, an IC method for the acids, and EPA 323 for Formaldehyde.

Please see our Analytical Capabilities document for more details of what services we offer


We can help you with your Ethanol Plants sampling needs from project planning to final data validation including; selecting the proper methods to use; selecting the correct sampling media for the application; calculating the amount of sample to be collected; calculating the required flow rates and sampling time; providing method reporting limits; providing the necessary sampling equipment and instructions; providing the sampling media along with all documentation (Chain of Custody, Sampling Procedures, Sampling Log sheets, etc) and additional supplies such as vials and bottles; providing custom spiking gases for field testing and audit purposes; providing analysis following agency or custom methods; and providing you with the final data package including QA/QC reports and when requested Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD).


Our Ethanol Plants clients include a large number of Ethanol facilities distributed throughout the United States.


We have a long history of Research and Development and are experts at developing new methods as well as improving existing ones to meet client’s needs. We are often asked to expand the analyte list of existing methods and are experts at testing and validating additional analytes. We are also able to modify current methods by changing solution chemistries, solution volumes, or sampling protocols to meet specific client needs. We can perform method validation tests including spiking, stability, reproducibility, and gas phase recovery studies.


Please proceed to our Sampling Media and Equipment page to learn about what types of sampling equipment and media we can provide, to our Request Sampling Equipment and Media Form to place an order for sampling equipment and media, to our Request a Price Quote Form to get a price quote for sampling equipment, media and analysis, or to our Contact Us Form for general questions.