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Our customers have benefited from the technical experience of AAC President and Technical Director, Dr. Sucha Parmar and his cooperation in providing unlimited free consulting.

Over the last 22 years, AAC Lab has established excellent relationships with many regulatory agencies, consulting companies and commercial facilities, and successfully completed projects of complex nature in support of ambient air monitoring, source emissions testing, landfill gases, and indoor air throughout the country.

AAC Lab managers are instrumental in assisting both the laboratory and the client during the course of a project.

The major responsibilities are:

  • Coordinating laboratory services directly with clients
  • Understanding contractual requirements and effectively communicating client needs to laboratory staff
  • Notification of clients regarding specific non-conformance, changes or difficulties encountered within the laboratory
  • Investigating problems with samples and containers received from the field
  • Monitoring of analytical work progress
  • Reviewing of data generated in the laboratory
  • Approval of final report
AAC Lab’s goal is to provide the highest quality service available. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us, so please feel free to email us your thoughts.

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