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Do you have a price list?

No. Please Contact Us for prices or fill out our Price Quote Request Form.

What are your standard Terms and Conditions?

Please see our Terms and Conditions page.

I’m a new customer. What do I need to do to get AAC to analyze my samples?

Fill out our Customer Information/Credit Form and either call us for a price quote or fill out our Price Quote Request Form.

Do I need a Chain of Custody (COC)?

Yes. You can use our COC or provide your own.

What analysis do you provide?

See our list of Analytical Services. Please Contact Us for anything not listed on that page.

What kind of sampling equipment and media can you provide?

Please see our Sampling Equipment page. Please Contact Us for anything not listed on that page.

How do I request sampling media?

How much notice do you need for a sampling media request?

It depends on the media, the number of samples, and if certification is required but the earlier the better.

What are the holding times for samples?

Please see our Sample Holding Time and Container list

What is your turnaround time?

Normal turnaround time is ten business (does not include weekends or holidays) days. We can do a variety of Rush turnaround times for an additional charge including 5 days, 72, 48, and 24 hours and same day with prior approval. Please Contact Us before your project start date for additional details. Please notify us as early as possible for a Rush job. All turnaround times are for business days and do not include weekends or holidays.

How do you report data?

Please see our Data Reporting page.

What are your method reporting limits (MRL) and sample reporting limits (SRL)?

Please Contact Us with your list of methods and analytes and we will provide them for you.

Are you NELAC certified?

Yes. Please see our Certifications and Accreditations page.

Which days can I Ship/Deliver samples to AAC?

AAC Laboratory is open Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm. We accept weekend or holiday samples only with prior authorization in writing from the Lab Director. Please inform us before shipping Tedlar bag samples for Friday delivery due to the short holding time of some samples (sulfurs, etc).

How do we ship our samples to you?

Summa canisters should be shipped back to AAC using the same boxes they arrived in unless they contain dangerous levels of flammable or dangerous gases. In this case, contact your shipper or DOT for shipping instructions. Tedlar bags should be shipped in a box or sturdy container to avoid punctures. If shipping by air, Tedlar bags should be filled only to ~2/3 to avoid bursting. DNPH cartridges and solutions, BHA solutions and most other solutions should be shipped cold (blue ice) by next day air. Glass vials and bottles need to be properly wrapped in packing material to avoid breakage. Please Contact Us for specific shipping instructions or if you have any doubt on how to ship your samples prior to shipping.

Can we ship samples containing high levels of methane, H2S or flammable gases?

No. Contact your shipper or DOT for shipping instructions.

Can you prefill canisters with Helium prior to sampling for H2S and Methane at high levels per DOT regulations?

Yes. Please Contact Us before your project start to discuss the details.

What are TICs?

TICS are Tentatively Identified Compounds that are present in samples but not on the target compound list. TICs are generated by comparing the spectra (in the case of EPA TO-15 the GC-MS EI spectra) of unidentified peaks to those in large libraries of compounds provided by NIST and other organizations.

Are the gauges on your flow controllers calibrated?

No. They only provide an indication of the initial and final vacuum of the canister. Please Contact Us for information on obtaining calibrated digital gauges.