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Testing and Analytical Capabilities

AAC has been specializing in the measurement of airborne toxic compounds in ambient air, indoor air, stack/source gas and vapor intrusion for over 22 years, and is one of the leading specialty laboratories in the country.

AAC uses US EPA, CARB, NIOSH, SCAQMD, NCASI, OSHA and other agency approved methods for all routine analysis. We have an extensive QA/QC program to guarantee the highest quality data. AAC has over 600 Summa® and Silco-lined canisters for VOCs and sulfur compound measurements. We stock a full line of EPA and NIST traceable gas standards to provide data of the highest quality.

A brief summary of our testing and analytical capabilities is given below:

  • Ambient Air in Summa® canisters (ozone precursors, C2 – C12 hydrocarbons analysis to sub ppbv levels)
  • Ambient air samples in Summa® canisters or Tedlar bags, (e.g. TO-14, TO-15, TO-15 SIM, TO-12, etc.)
  • Source air samples in Silco-Can canisters or Tedlar bags with plastic valves (e.g. ASTM Method D-5504 for sulfurs and CARB 422, EPA 25, EPA 18 etc. for other VOCs)
  • Various sorbent tubes, i.e., activated charcoal, silica gel, XAD, PUF, etc. for VOCs (e.g., EPA, CARB, NIOSH and OSHA methods).
  • Specially impregnated cartridges (e.g., DNPH on C18 or Silica Gel) for carbonyls (TO-11 and TO-11A) and filters for specific organic compounds.
  • Air toxics for impinger solutions (e.g., TO-8, TO-6, NIOSH 7903, etc.)
  • Gravimetric analysis (PM-10 and TSP), (EPA 5, Method 202)
  • State-of-the-art data handling software
  • Conduct specialty research projects on environmental chemistry and analytical methods evaluations
  • Environmental chemistry consulting and method development
  • Various NIOSH, ASTM and OSHA Methods
  • New for 2014 - AAC helps NIOSH develop new VOC method-see flyer here.
Please see our Analytical Capabilities page for a more complete listing of the methods we offer.