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Quality Assurance Policy

The management and staff of AAC are committed to providing data of known and documented quality through assessment of the accuracy and precision of data generated by its analysts and highly trained chemists. The staff of AAC is trained to provide the highest level of professionalism and best service practices in the industry.

There are three (3) essential parts to the quality assurance program:


requires an orderly program of planning and positive actions before and during analysis to ensure that analytical systems are functioning properly. Examples include quality control planning, training and calibration of instruments, instrument maintenance, and frequent standardization.


involves periodic checks on performance to determine precision and accuracy. Matrix spikes, matrix spikes duplicates, blank spikes, blank spike duplicates, and blanks are analyzed at least once every twenty (20) samples of similar matrix or once per batch of similar matrix, whichever is more frequent.

Corrective Action

is action taken to determine the cause of quality defects and to restore proper function of the analytical system. Corrective action involves troubleshooting malfunctioning equipment, performance of check samples, reevaluation of methodologies and the retraining of analytical personnel.

Please see our Data Reporting page for additional Quality assurance information