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The staff of AAC is supported by a wide variety of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and supplies in order to meet your analysis needs.

We are confident that our instrumentation can meet and/or exceed the analytical requirements as specified in each of the methodologies that we provide services for.

Daily operation and calibration of our equipment allows us to maintain instrumentation that is always immediately available for your analysis needs including rush projects.

Please see our Analytical Instrumentation Summary page for a more complete listing of the instruments used at AAC.

Total Carbon Analyzers (TCA) & Trap Burning System

We have three custom built GC/FID Total Carbon Analyzers (TCA) for EPA Methods 25, 25C & 25D as well as for SCAQMD Methods 25.1 and 25.3. In addition, we have recently finished modifying our custom built trap burning system which now allows for cold purging to the original sampling tank minimizing CO2 interference and low bias from the loss of light end condensables.

Total Carbon Analyzers
Trap Burning System

Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detectors (SCD)

AAC currently utilizes two GC/SCD’s for speciated sulfur compounds analysis, both of which are specifically tuned for various industries. One of our systems can detect low ppbV levels for trace level monitoring and ambient air analysis, far exceeding those requirements for ASTM D-5504 and SCAQMD 307.91. Our newest system is a combined GC/FID/TCD/SCD geared for analyzing LNG/LPG, landfill, and biogas samples containing elevated levels of sulfur compounds.


Mass Spectrometers (GC/MS)

AAC has several GC/MS systems capable of providing low-level EPA Methods TO-14 and TO-15 analysis with reporting limits as low as 200 pptV for full SCAN mode and 10 pptV using SIM mode. A few of these systems are also equipped with FID’s for trace level C2 - C12 speciated Hydrocarbon analysis by EPA Method TO-12/PAMS Protocol. These systems also offer various other AAC custom developed methods such as our Siloxanes and speciated Sulfur compounds methods.


Liquid Chromatography, Ion Chromatography, & More

AAC also has several GC/FID’s and HPLC’s as well as an IC and TOC analyzer utilized for the analysis of Carbonyl’s, PAH’s, Isocyanates, Alcohols, Solvents, Inorganic & Organic Acids, Amines and various other custom VOC’s.