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AAC has an established client base of over 200 companies worldwide and 22 years of experience in the field of analytical chemistry, and research and method development. Dr. Parmar is the co-author of U.S. EPA Method TO-11A used for monitoring ambient speciated carbonyls including Formaldehyde.

AAC is accredited by NELAC (several states), ISO 17025, and the SCAQMD for a variety of analytical methods.

AAC participates in audits programs and inter-laboratory comparisons including those offered by NELAC and the EPA and usually scores at the top of the list for all methods that we are audited for.

AAC staff routinely participate in air pollution related meetings by presenting research findings, chairing sessions, or providing informational booths at several yearly conferences including the AWMA specialty conference on air quality measurement methods and technology.

AAC publishes at least one peer-reviewed article per year on a research topic devoted to new or improved air pollution measurement methods.

For a full listing of our papers and presentations, please see our Publications and Presentations page.