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Sampling and Analysis of Sulfur Compounds Using Gas Chromatograph/ Mass Selective Detector (GC/MS)

Presented at the Air and Waste Management Association Annual Conference, 2002

Sucha S. Parmar, Vanessa de Vera, and Yang Liu

Atmospheric Analysis and Consulting, Inc., 1534 Eastman Avenue, Suite A, Ventura, CA 93003 (805) 650-1642


A simple, accurate method for sampling and analysis of sulfur compounds in whole air is described. The method entails sampling of various sulfur compounds in specially treated stainless steel canisters or Tedlar bags followed by Cryogenic concentration and gas chromatograph/mass selective detector (GC/MS) analysis. Different types of sulfur compounds, i.e. H2S, mercaptans, and thiophenes, were sampled in two types of containers and analyzed using GC/MS. Stability and holding times of these compounds in humidified zero air are reported. These measurements were also carried out on a gas chromatograph equipped with a flame photometric detector. GC/MS shows a clear advantage over GC/FPD measurements due to its linearity and low detection limits required for cleaner environment. GC/MS measurements do not suffer from interference due to high hydrocarbon or CO2 concentration in the sample, as noticed in the GC/FPD.

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