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A New Method for Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheric Ammonia and Amines

Presented at the Air and Waste Management Association Annual Conference, June 2009

Paper 569

Kristia Parker, Eric Grosjean, Sucha S. Parmar, and Marcus Hueppe

Atmospheric Analysis and Consulting, Inc., 1534 Eastman Ave., Suite A, Ventura, CA 93003


A method has been developed in which atmospheric ammonia and amines can be simultaneously collected and derivatized using 1-Naphthylisothiocyanate to their corresponding thioureas, which are then analyzed using HPLC with UV detection. Samples are collected in two chilled midget impingers in series containing 10mL of an IPA / 0.1N H2SO4 (50/50 v/v) solution. Reproducibility was found to be within ±20 % for all of the analytes tested. Stability studies showed that the derivatized amines were stable for up to 12 days when stored at approximately 4°C. Sample recoveries from a small Teflon bag were ~75-100% for ammonia and seven amines, indicating that the sample collection and analysis procedures were adequate. A preliminary investigation of vehicle emissions revealed that in contrast to ammonia no amines were emitted from gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles. Quantification of nine different primary and secondary amines from a polyurethane foam composite sample is shown as an example of an application of the method.

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