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AAC successfully completes the 2014 PAMS season! 

AAC has successfully completed the 2014 PAMS season! We have completed the analysis of  Ozone Precursors including  speciated Hydrocarbons and Carbonyl for three different agencies (VCAPCD, SJVUAPCD, SMAQMD) for the 2014 season! AAC has been analyzing PAMS samples for over 20 years! We also are uploading PAMS Hydrocarbon and Carbonyl data to the EPA AQS website for several PAMS agencies and can upload your data for you upon request!

AAC has been following the recent changes to the PAMS methodologies and we can analyze for the updated priority compound list upon request.We have updated our PAMS Hydrocarbon standard with the additional compounds and we already have Benzaldehyde in our TO-11A standard.

Please contact us if you need any help with PAMS sampling, analysis, or data uploading.