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AAC returns to the Ventura County Science Fair 2016!

AAC is happy to once again support our young scientists in the 2016 Ventura County Science Fair!

"The Science Fair brings together students, teachers, and scientists from around the county to: Develop in students an awareness of the importance of science in their lives and to cultivate students’ interest in science; Support students’ acquisition of scientific knowledge and research skills; Extend and reinforce the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools; Recognize and reward outstanding achievement in science; and Motivate students to undertake and complete scientific inquiries in their special areas of interest."

AAC encourages young scientists to study chemistry and environmental science. As an encouragement, we awarded two prizes in the category of chemistry and environmental science. The first winning prize was $150 and the second winning prize was $100!

AAC chemist Zandra presenting the awards to the winning science projects in Chemistry and Environmental Science
Winner of the First Prize of $150 (left) and Winner of the Second Prize of $100 (right)!