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AAC returns to judge at Rio Mesa High School Science Fair

AAC is always grateful for the opportunity to encourage students’ interest in the sciences.

On February 5, 2020, Rio Mesa High School hosted its fifth annual science fair and AAC was happy to participate once again. AAC chemist Julie Devlin served as a judge alongside other teachers, industry professionals, and community members.

Julie evaluated 13 student projects that were submitted in the Environmental Science category. The projects covered topics such as water purity, plant growth, and waste consumption/management. At the time of the science fair, many of the projects were still in the data acquisition phase. These projects require several months of the students' time outside of class to conduct their research, so AAC applauds each student's hard work and dedication!

Two winners, one first place and one second place, were selected to move forward to the county science fair pending the completion of their projects. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to all Rio Mesa students who participated in the science fair, and congratulations to those who have qualified to participate in the Ventura County Science Fair! AAC looks forward to seeing you there!