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AAC attends Rio Mesa High School Science Fair

AAC is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Rio Mesa High School Science Fair, an event which helps develop young scientists in our community.

Rio Mesa High School hosted its fourth preliminary science fair on February 2, 2018. Both junior and senior students participated in showcasing their original projects in social sciences, chemistry, biology, physics, health, and environmental studies. There were both group and individual presentations, all of which were competing for a spot in the annual Ventura County Science Fair.

AAC chemist Jeyla Fendi participated in the Rio Mesa Science Fair as one of the many judges evaluating the environmental chemistry portion of the posters. The program, run by Rano Sidhu at Rio Mesa High School, encourages students of all backgrounds to participate in research as well as engaging early STEM success for college. The program aims to inspire young minds to get involved in their communities, as well as leaving a positive impression for future students.

Congratulations to all Rio Mesa students who participated in the science fair, and congratulations to those who qualified to participate in the Ventura County Science Fair! We look forward to seeing you there!