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AAC analyzes samples from the Aliso Canyon gas leak

A large natural gas leak was discovered at the Aliso Canyon storage facility in October 2015. Natural gas continued to leak out of the storage facility for several months until it was finally sealed in February 2016. The Aliso Canyon leak became one of the biggest environmental disasters of recent times and led to serious public safety concerns, especially in the nearby neighborhood of Porter Ranch.

AAC analyzed hundreds of air samples from throughout the Porter Ranch community for natural gas constituents which were considered harmful to public health, including methane, benzene, and sulfur odorants (t-butyl mercaptan, tetrahydrothiophene).

AAC received 10-20 samples every day for four months and reported the results down to low ppbv levels so that public agencies could reliably monitor any contaminants present in the air.

AAC remained committed to obtaining reliable results, adhering to strict QC standards, and having a fast turn-around time so that members of the affected community could be made aware of any health risks as soon as possible.

AAC’s reports are included on SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon Gas Leak website and can be viewed here: https://www.alisoupdates.com/acu-aliso-canyon-air-sample-results