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New Incentive to Reduce Emissions in Communities Most Affected by Air Pollution

California Rule AB-617


In 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill AB-617 and approved $250 million in Greenhouse Gas Reduction funds to achieve emission reduction in California communities most burdened by air pollution. This state-mandated program will assist in implementing better technology, engine replacement, repower, and infrastructure projects in disadvantaged and low income areas supporting the goals of AB-617. AB-617 calls for community air monitoring and action plans to reduce smog forming and toxic emissions. This program will also result in reduction in green house gases.


AAC is fully aware of the details of these project requirements and is ready to help in all monitoring needs and equipment availability. AAC has been involved in ambient air analysis and Smog Precursors Monitoring Program since 1993. We analyze VOCs, Carbonyls, and various other pollutants from ambient or source air. AAC specializes in toxics measurements including acrolein, isocyanates, chrome 6, and PAHs as well as PM, PM 2.5, lead, and mercury.


AAC is a full service Air Quality Analytical Laboratory in Ventura, California.



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