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AAC testing Formaldehyde from Weyerhaeuser Products used in homes

Weyerhaeuser Company recently issued several statements that one of their products used in new home construction may be related to recent odor complaints from customers due to Formaldehyde:



Weyerhaeuser cites a recent change in a coating that is made using a Formaldehyde Resin as a possible source of the odor complaints.

AAC has been measuring Formaldehyde inside homes, mobile homes, public buildings and offices for several decades and can help you with your Formaldehyde Testing needs.

AAC recently analyzed over 200 Formaldehyde samples collected from Mobile Homes located in various parts of California using passive samplers.

AAC can provide active (pump required) or passive (no equipment required) sampling media, instructions, analysis and reporting for any type of Formaldehyde Testing.

Please contact AAC regarding your Formaldehyde testing needs.